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Jon Schweitzer was an aerospace engineer, manager, director, contractor, consultant and teacher at the Los Angeles Family History Library or LAFHL, now the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library or LAFSL, for about 22 years and is now retired. He has written many genealogy papers and made many genealogy and family Websites. He is still the Webmaster for the old LAFSL Website and has placed many of his genealogy, computer and website design classes online. Some of the Websites below are companions to the classes he has taught. Many of the links below are for general genealogy research and a few are his family links.
Genealogy Links At This Site
Beginning Genealogy
Buying a Computer
Computer Security Class
DAR Research Class
Finding Birthplaces and Parents
Genealogy Research By Mail
Genealogy Research in the LA Area
Genealogy Research on the Web
Fix PC Computers
Inkjet printers and Ink
LAFSL - My Website
Land Research Class
Military Research Class
Newspaper Research
PC Computer System Care and Maintenance
Publishing your Family History on Internet
Royalty Genealogy Database
Royalty Genealogy Online Class
Ship Research
Social Security Research
UCLA - Genealogy Research Guide
U.S. Census Research
Web Site Design - Advanced
Web Site Design - Beginning
Web Site Design - Intermediate
Genealogy Links Elsewhere
20 Ways To Avoid Genealogical Grief
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
FamilySearch - Search
LAFSL Official NEW Website
LAFSL Official OLD Website
LAFSL Online Classes
Family Genealogy Links At This Site
Ancestors of the Schweitzer, Rosenthal, Martin and Johnson Families to Haakon V King of Norway

Ancestors of Haakon V King of Norway - continuation of the Haakon line from the above Website
Christmas Newsletter - 2013
Christmas Newsletter - 2012
Christmas Newsletter - 2011
Christmas Newsletter - 2010
Christmas Newsletter - 2009
Christmas Newsletter - 2008
Christmas Newsletter - 2007
Christmas Newsletter - 2006
Ella Rosenthal Website
Maya Schweitzer Website
Mina Rosenthal Website
Schweitzer Family Genealogy
Surnames - All Of Mine

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